Senator Janet Nguyen demands retraction from LA Councilman praising dictator Ho Chi Minh as hero

For the second time in two months, Los Angeles officials have praised figures who promoted the Communist takeover of Vietnam, leading to a catastrophic war and millions of deaths.  

The latest example is incoming Los Angeles City Council President Marqueece Harris-Dawson, who recently lauded North Vietnamese Communist dictator Ho Chi Minh as a hero for human rights in a May 19 Instagram post. In April, the County Board of Supervisors gave “Hanoi” Jane Fonda her own holiday.

Senator Janet Nguyen, who fled South Vietnam after the Fall of Saigon, has asked Harris-Dawson in a letter to rescind glowing comments about HCM given that the dictator implemented policies that suppressed human rights and led to immense suffering.  

In his post, Harris-Dawson claimed HCM “campaign[ed] against oppression” and praised the dictator for “peace [that] could only be achieved without outside intervention” while terrorizing millions of South Vietnamese during the takeover. This caused America to be dragged into a 20-year war. 

Harris-Dawson’s tone-deaf remarks come two months after Fonda Day was declared on April 30, the same day Saigon fell to North Vietnam. Los Angeles County Supervisor Lindsey Horvath initiated the honor but agreed to change the date after pressure from the Senator over Fonda’s pro-Communist activities during the war. 

“I just don’t get it – two high profile Los Angeles elected officials praise Communist figures who aided in the slaughter of both American and Vietnamese people,” Senator Janet Nguyen said. “Apparently Mr. Harris-Dawson didn’t learn anything when the county was blasted in national news over Jane Fonda. He needs a history lesson.”

More than 3 million Americans were deployed to Asia during the Vietnam War, with 58,220 casualties and 2,338 missing in action.  South Vietnam lost about 250,000 soldiers.